Top 10 Cricket Runout Controversies That Shocked the Cricketing World

Top 10 Cricket Runout Controversies That Shocked the Cricketing World

Cricket is a sport renowned for its gentlemanly conduct and competitive spirit. However, over the years, there have been instances where controversies have marred the game’s reputation. One such area of contention is runouts, where players’ actions have led to heated debates, raised eyebrows, and even accusations of cheating. This article will delve into the top 10 cricket runout controversies that sent shockwaves through the cricketing world, sparking discussions and debates among fans and experts alike.

1. The Inzamam-ul-Haq and Collin Cowdrey Incident (1992):

In the 1992 Cricket World Cup, Pakistan’s Inzamam-ul-Haq was at the center of a runout controversy. While attempting a run against England, Inzamam collided with bowler Collin Cowdrey, causing the bails to dislodge. The English team appealed for a runout, and the umpire controversially gave Inzamam out. This decision sparked outrage and debates over whether it was a fair dismissal.

2. Grant Elliott and Ryan Harris Collision (2009):

During a One-Day International (ODI) match between South Africa and Australia 2009, a collision between Grant Elliott and bowler Ryan Harris led to a runout. The controversy arose when it was argued that Harris obstructed Elliott’s path, preventing him from making it to the crease. The decision was ultimately upheld, but it left cricket fans divided.

3. Sourav Ganguly’s Unconventional Dismissal (2000):

In a Test match against Zimbabwe in 2000, Indian captain Sourav Ganguly was involved in a unique runout. As he walked back to the crease after backing up too far, the bowler, Douglas Hondo, picked up the ball and threw it at the stumps, hitting Ganguly, who was out of his crease. The dismissal raised questions about sportsmanship, with many feeling it was against the spirit of the game.

4. The Fakhar Zaman Controversy (2021):

In a T20I match between Pakistan and South Africa in 2021, Fakhar Zaman was involved in a contentious runout incident. While going for a second run, he was deceived by Quinton de Kock, who pretended to be collecting the ball but had it in his hand. Zaman slowed down, thinking the ball was dead, and was subsequently run out. This incident reignited debates about the ethics of deceiving a batter.

5. The Jonty Rhodes ‘Superman’ Runout (1992):

Jonty Rhodes is famous for his athleticism on the cricket field, and his runout of Inzamam-ul-Haq during the 1992 Cricket World Cup is one of the most iconic moments in cricket history. Rhodes’ direct hit from a backward point left everyone in awe, but it also sparked discussions about whether Inzamam was unfairly dismissed.

6. The Ian Bell Controversy (2011):

During an England vs. India Test match in 2011, Ian Bell was involved in a bizarre runout incident. Bell had left his crease thinking the ball was dead, but Abhinav Mukund removed the bails. The Indian team appealed, and the decision to give Bell out caused a furor. However, after an intervention by the Indian captain, the decision was reversed, and Bell was called back to continue his innings.

7. Mohinder Amarnath’s Infamous Walk (1982):

In a Test match between India and Pakistan in 1982, Mohinder Amarnath’s decision to walk off the field without being dismissed caused a significant controversy. Amarnath believed he was out, even though the umpire had not given him out. This incident raised questions about the role of the referee and the player’s sportsmanship.

8. The ‘Mankad’ Controversy (Various Instances):

The ‘Mankad’ runout, named after Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad, involves the bowler removing the bails at the non-striker’s end when the batsman leaves the crease before the ball is bowled. Over the years, this tactic has led to numerous controversies, with debates about whether it is within the spirit of the game. Some consider it a legitimate dismissal, while others think it unsportsmanlike conduct.

9. The Steve Waugh Controversy (1999):

During a Test match between Australia and South Africa in 1999, Steve Waugh was involved in a runout controversy with Herschelle Gibbs. Gibbs initially caught a catch but dropped it while celebrating. Waugh famously told Gibbs, “You’ve just dropped the World Cup.” This incident stirred debates about whether Waugh’s comment amounted to psychological disintegration.

10. The Jos Buttler and Ravichandran Ashwin Controversy (2019):

During an IPL match in 2019, Ravichandran Ashwin ran out Jos Buttler at the non-striker’s end using the ‘Mankad’ method. This incident reignited the debate about the ‘Mankad’ dismissal, with many arguing that it was against the spirit of the game. The incident divided fans and players, some supporting Ashwin’s actions and others condemning them.


Though relatively rare, cricket runout controversies have significantly impacted the game’s history and reputation. These incidents have sparked passionate debates about the ethics and sportsmanship involved in the game. While some have defended players’ actions in these runout controversies, others have called for stricter adherence to the spirit of cricket. Regardless of one’s perspective, these controversies have undeniably added drama and intrigue to the world of cricket, making it a sport that continues to capture the imagination of fans worldwide.

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